Information on Zebra Shade

Want an easy way to control the natural lighting in a room? The Bloc Blind Premium Zebra Shade is the ultimate in innovative design and home lighting control. This clever system, which features alternate stripes of solid and transparent material on one continuous loop, allows you to fine-tune the light levels in a room by simply adjusting the fabric.


Match the solid stripes to let the light filter in between them for the full “zebra stripe” effect. Pull the chain more to adjust the size of the stripes for less light. Now you can either stop when there are no more stripes of light, or continue to pull the chain to fully open the blind.


Our Premium Zebra Shades are available in a wide selection of colors and the stripes come in two different band widths to offer a varied style appeal.  Select the 2.9” width for fewer but thicker stripes, or select the 1.7” width to have a higher number of thinner stripes in your window.








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