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Are your clients often reserved with their window treatment decisions? Is it normally the ‘safe’ option of white or cream?

What your client may secretly want to do is break free from the norm and make a statement in a room, right? With patterned wallpaper or a daring paint coor there is always a risk that after a short period of time one may have outgrown their initial bold choice. Complete redecorating is a costly exercise, we understand! That’s why at Bloc we have invented an innovative method of embracing change with our interchange roller shade range!


Why not minimize the risk by opting to make the window shade the focal point of the room? Our unique interchanging roller shade is transforming interior design choices. Clients now have ultimate flexibility to switch out their fabric as often as their hearts desire. It could be as simple as a sheer fabric in summer and a blackout fabric in winter, or for the more daring character the options are endless. What makes this range even more attractive is that the mechanism forever remains in the window, no re-installers required, no fresh drilling, no mess, and no fuss. Change your fabric in seconds! What could be better?

It’s time for change!

Bloc Fabric Changing what will your blind wear today


Commercial Design Inspiration

Interchangeable shading solutions open a whole new realm of advertising options for the commercial industry.

Bloc Blinds can help your clients utilize their shading solutions as an additional advertising platform!

Our state of the art in-house printing facility allows clients to customize shades to include logos, opening hours and most importantly to switch in and out offers! Running a short term promotion? Simply print up the offer on the shade fabric and switch it into the mechanism in seconds just in time to run with the next advertising campaign. 

Bloc Commerical Fabric Designs



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