Embrace The Spirit Of The Olympics

Embrace The Spirit Of The Olympics

Posted by Kiera on 8/5/2016 10:30:40 AM

It’s been a long wait but the 2016 Summer Olympics are finally here. With the official opening ceremony taking place today in Rio de Janeiro it has got us thinking about the colors and vibrancy for which the host country of Brazil is so well known.

Embracing the flamboyant costumes and samba spirit we have pulled together our interpretation of the iconic look.

To parody the vibrant colors of Brazil we have opted for Globe Red Fabric which brings to mind the sphere of the Brazilian flag along with Luscious Lime Fabric, in honour of the flag’s bold background. The wavy pattern of the Zephyr Sunrise Dimout Fabric is suggestive of the Rio de Janeiro carnival where you would be surrounded by bright parade floats, exciting dancers and more than 2 million partiers on the street every day of the festival waving colourful banners, flags and decorations.

When choosing your window blinds it can be tempting to choose the “safe” option of white or cream to ensure they match countless décor revamps down the line but, with the Fabric Changing Roller Blind you can embrace the spirit of the Rio Olympics, or any other event for that matter, by simply hooking off one fabric and hooking on another, achieving a whole new look for your room in seconds.

Create your own look by choosing complimentary accessories such as cushions, vases and artwork as we have done here, when you’re ready for a change just swap the fabric of your blind as easily as you would a cushion cover.

So go on, embrace the spirit of the Olympics with the bold and bright colours of Brazil!

Photo credits 1. Cushion – John Lewis, 2. Vase – Habitat, 3. Artwork – Dunelm, 4. Blind – Bloc Blinds (Zephyr, Spring Leaves, Globe Red, Luscious Lime)

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